The Clow → The Shadow 影 [ 3 / 53 ]

Under the reign of The Light,  it can gather shadows from people or things to increase its own power. It’s obedience to that of light is due to its inability to use its power without light first casting shadows. “Shadow can touch us, but we cannot touch it.”

The Clow → The Fly  [ 2 / 53 ]

Under the reign of The Windy, “The Fly” grants its user the ability of flight. As the card most used by Sakura, it’s powers can mix with that of an object, or in rare cases even a human, and lend that entity its wings.

The Clow → The Windy  [ 1 / 53 ]

Although it is powerful enough to create massive whirlwinds, “The Windy” is probably the most gentle and non- aggressive card. The Windy also represents the communication between cards. 

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What is your favourite anime movie? >>
What is your favourite anime series? >>

Anonymous said: im planning to watch anime series. what can you suggest for me to watch?

I always loved the old Digimon seasons. You could never go wrong with that. I have recently started watching Tiger and Bunny and that seems to be good so far. Some Anime movies that I loved in the past would be: 

Welcome to the Space Show* <— EXCELLENT!
Whisper of the Heart
Howls Moving Castle (you should read the book too )
5 Centimeters per Second 

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